Same stuff, different site

Writer's Block

Image by thorinside via Flickr

A few months ago, I had to shut down my long-running site and fanfiction page, “The Evidence Never Lies.” I’m happy to finally be back online, especially with my own blog. The look and feel of these pages will change over the next several days as I tweak them to better reflect what this page is about. I’ll be adding new pages, new links to old fanfiction, and maybe even to new stories.

One word at a time is definitely a work in progress. In my crazy world of holding down a full-time job, running a B&B (actually my husband does the day-to-day stuff, but the business-end of it is all mine), and setting up a new communications company, this is my little private space where I can contemplate life and write about it, or just gab with friends.

I hope many will drop by for a chat.