Jorja Fox signs up for Season 11

Actress Jorja Fox

Image via Wikipedia

Although technically not about writing, unless we’re referring to CSI script writers who are in the enviable position of writing about Sara Sidle again, I’m happy to report here that Jorja Fox signed up for eleven episodes in Season 11.

The news came from a TF1 News Blog article today, which says that Jorja hesitated before signing on for the new season. In an interview with French weekly, Télé Star, she said that she signed up for 11 episodes and will decide at the beginning of 2011 whether she wants to continue. Shooting only a few episodes would suit her just fine.

Between ER and CSI, she’s been a regular in a TV show for the past twelve years. Her energy level is waning and she fears that it shows on TV. She decided to reprise her role officially because she feels that the team, from the actors to the writers, are back in sync.

As for the producers’ refusal to increase salaries, Jorja reminds us that it doesn’t only affect actors, but writers and technicians as well.

“|The economic|crisis affects every American. We understand that we also need to tighten our belts.”


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