My West Wing Stories

Here are links to stories about another loved TV couple, Josh and Donna of The West Wing, my all-time favorite TV show.  Like Grissom and Sara, Josh and Donna ended together at the end of the series. I sure know how to pick ’em! Though I must admit that for a while, it looked like Josh would end up with Amy, TWW’s Lady Heather (for CSI fans), but without the whips.

Forsaking All Others – Donna had everything she’d always dreamed of: a husband she adored and two beautiful, healthy children. She was born to the role of wife and mother and loved it. Until an anonymous phone call shattered the very foundation her life was built on. (Very angsty.)

Forsaking All Others is probably my all-time favorite fanfiction (by moi), yet I never finished it because I’d lost a couple of chapters in a motherboard crash, and given the seemingly low interest in fanfiction from the old show which was already off the air by that time, I didn’t bother starting over again. I still think of this one, and may finish it someday just for me (and the three other people still reading TWW fiction.)

A Night in Iowa – Santos didn’t do well in the debate and Josh is feeling the heat…or is it the cold as he nurses a bottle of wine while he waits for Donna to return from her celebration on this chilly Iowa night. (Short and sweet, I hope!)

The Gift of Love – It’s Christmas Eve and Josh is full of regret for never having told Donna what Christmas has meant to him since meeting her. But mostly, he misses her. (Super Romance!)

A little anecdote about The Gift of Love. When I wrote this story, I was relatively new to the fandom and had never written these characters. I approached someone who had written several very long Josh/Donna romances and did a good job with characterization, and asked her to beta read the story. I sensed her reluctance. She seemed to think I was a novice fanfiction writer who would require a lot of work, but she agreed anyway. Unfortunately, she was predisposed to hating everything I wrote and only read a few pages before quitting, saying that she didn’t like ‘this kind’ of story. I went on to publish it to rave reviews!

A Little Help From a Friend – With a little help from CJ, Josh and Donna’s relationship finally changes. (Humor) Who doesn’t love CJ? And early years Josh before he grew up? I loved, loved writing this one.

Late_Night_Confessions – Josh’s botched interview with Donna has been weighing heavily on him. When his staff suspects he isn’t getting any sleep, Leo calls in the one person who can help him. (Romance)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Jul 12, 2015 @ 22:32:09

    Please consider finishing your west wing ” forsaking all others” . I check often to se if you have added to it. It is still a very interesting concept.


    • vplasgirl
      Jul 13, 2015 @ 18:43:17

      Hi Lynn,

      I’d forgotten about that one. I had something like three chapters written when my computer crashed. It was going to be a good story and I’ve been thinking about writing again, so finishing this one could be a good way to get back to it. No promises, but thanks for the reminder.

      Dani xx


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